Once an auction has concluded, buyers are notified via email that they have won the auction. A deposit of $50 dollars must be made within 24 Hours of the auctions completion (this will generally be Thursday at 12:00PM PST). This deposit may be made over the phone using a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. The deposit may also be made in person using cash or credit card. If a deposit is not made within 24 Hours, the winning all bids are void and the auction will be re-listed.

The remaining balance is due within one week of the auctions completion. Once the remaining balance is payed, the vehicle or item may be picked up at our Antioch yard. If the vehicle is not picked up within the one week period, the deposit is forfeit and the vehicle or item will be re-listed.

It is recommended that the vehicle be picked up by 5:00PM PST the Friday following the auction. After 5:00PM PST, a storage fee of $50 a day will be added to the remaining balance due.